How To Play

How To Play Dead Man's Cribbage

Pick your role! Play as a cowardly Necromancer fleeing the scene, a Hero running to warn humanity, a mysterious Skunk; or... play as a Deadman chasing them down! Every player gets a role to play with a character identity card.  Just pick a card and then play cribbage as normal; except, when it is time to count your hand for points, follow the instructions on the card. 
  • A Dead Man's Cribbage poker deck with narrative suits
  • 18 Character Identity Cards that provide bonuses 
  • (Optional) Deadman's Cribbage Terrain scoreboard: The custom Skunk Hollow game boards allow for additional immersion (see below photos of Biohaz and Necromancer boards).
  • (Optional) 3D pegs (stretch goal)

Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing - Gen Con 2021

This showcases the Dead Man's Cribbage game by unboxing it. Learn more about the game at:   "Trad...