Monday, June 28, 2021

Character Pegs - Laser Engraved Prototype


Trying some character pegs that are laser cut and engraved from wood.


Pegs do not collide back-to-back on our custom Dea Man's Cribbage board (that's good!)

Also, fit well side-by-side

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Deadman's Cribbage headed to Tabletop Simulator

Deadman's Cribbage has been digitized on Tabletop Simulator

Here is the direct link to version 1: Dead Man's Cribbage

Anyone can playtest the game online with remote friends. Online gaming is picking up steam (pun intended); this method involves (1) a Steam account, (2) a version of Tabletop Simulator (usually ~20usd) which opens up a huge library of games to play (including awesome 3D RPG games).

This will enable tutorial videos too. Stay tuned.

Here's Papa Tom, Virtual-Remote Scott (avatar on phone) and Seth playing 3-person cribbage online!

Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing - Gen Con 2021

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