About Creators

Seth (SE) Lindberg resides near Cincinnati, Ohio working as a chemical engineer. A passion for the Sword & Sorcery genre and classic Weird Fiction spurs him to write graphic adventure fictionalizing the alchemical humors; this done under the banner “Dyscrasia Fiction” via his independent IGNIS Publishing LLC, teaming with narrator Kathy Bell Denton for audiobooks. With Perseid Press, he writes tales infused with history and alchemy (Heroika and Heroes in Hell series). He is a Managing Editor at BlackGate.com and co-moderates the Sword & Sorcery Goodreads group. He is a miniature board game addict (Kickstarter Profile) and frequently on Board Game Geek (SE (Lord Lysis) Profile).

Scott Lindberg has a lifetime of business operation experience gained after his West Point adventures. In his spare time, he funnels a passion for financial literacy into making games. As Founder, Free Market Kids, LLC, he brought to life the game "Is that the best you can do?" 

Here's the two of us at Gen Con 2019 soon after working Trade Day: 

Dead Man's Cribbage Unboxing - Gen Con 2021

This showcases the Dead Man's Cribbage game by unboxing it. Learn more about the game at:  http://www.deadmanscribbage.com/   "Trad...