Monday, January 18, 2021

Character ID Cards and Refined Gameplay

 Playtesting continues. Gameplay is refined now, and synchronized even better with traditional cribbage.  We are homing in on a full working prototype that would include:

  • A Dead Man's Cribbage poker deck with narrative suits
  • 18 Character Identity Cards that provide bonuses 
  • (Optional) Deadman's Cribbage Terrain scoreboard
  • (Optional) 3D pegs (stretch goal)

Playtesting had us pivot away from the initial concept of having Deadmen infect survivors by lining-up on the scoreboard (as if contagious). The notion that "getting off the board first" was not the goal anymore was cool, but too messy. To add tension while selecting your cards while amplifying the lore of Skunk Hollow, we went all-in on the impact of the narrative suits.

Every player gets a role to play with a character identity card.  Just pick a card and then play cribbage as normal; except, when it is time to count your hand for points, follow the instructions on the card. 

So that seems simple, but the bonuses and character states (healthy/infected) vary by the suits/colors left in your hand. You'll have fun getting those bonuses, or depriving the dealer of them by sabotaging the crib!

Here's a glimpse at some of the character cards. Both Sci-Fi (aka "BioHazard") and Fantasy (aka "Necromancer") editions are shown:

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